Every Flow Must Have Its Ebb

My living and working abroad have been over one month. They refresh the length of time as well as the experience. I did a job then turned into training suddenly after something unexpected happened. Nevertheless, the old me is still here. The ambition on academic is on the first place no matter what happens.

Therefore, the old plans work. I enjoyed the practices and exercises for career and workplace even though these seemed quite normal for a North American university. But please forgive me to restate my bachelor learning without library in China and my master learning without working permission in Taiwan. Therefore, these normal stuffs mean so large to me. Moreover, I looked for a publisher to publish my first English book. At the present, I continue to keep in touch with it and negotiate with the agents. On the other hand, the volunteer activity outside the university is on the track. The orientation will be held at the end of October. Then the job will unfold subsequently.

However, great things take time. The loss on the job drives me to another way. A public speech recommended by myself to a center within university is processing. The keen observations of pan-Chinese societies and the fever expression accumulated in my mind make a fearless me. Hence, I desire to share my self-made publications and exclusive researches to the director of the center and other visiting scholars. What’s more, I really feel the tempting magic from the stage and spotlight.

To be sure, the moment I face with cannot be describe in one adjective. The arrangement for training in English, teaching, learning of course is beneficial and necessary. But I don’t think the time it shows up is perfect. Any new and non English speaker should have the same chance and training not to mention the TA/RA candidates. Apart from the training and the old plans, new challenges are ongoing.

A new round of program applications with uncertainties is to reexamine my basic, potentiality and blessing since 2009. It also is a test to know whether I deserve better or not. Or it is a warning to stay quiet and humble. Also, other kinds of working, like assistant, project, project helper, journal paper writing, fund raising, academic competition and so on. All are reviewing my competitiveness, capabilities, qualification and fortune. In sum, the results will tell me what status I am in and where should I go and what need to do.

The scenery of Uvic in Autumn is the biggest advantage