Product design has come a long way during the past decade. It is time for the term user to become obsolete. More on that in the article: Would you like to be called a user?

Progress has been made, lessons learned, but the production environment is still in its infancy. …

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The “user” as seen by some.

More often than not you’ll hear the word user pop up in a software related discussion. User is the software industry’s term for people that use the product. As widespread and adopted as it may be, I still can’t get myself to use the term comfortably.

Isn’t user what you commonly call people with drug addictions? Makes me cringe every time I hear the word being used to describe a person in relation to a product. Somehow user sounds far from being right. Begging the question, is this the most appropriate term for the purpose?


Szilard Nagy

Product designer and founder at Appselent

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