Head of a major Budapest taxi company reflecting on the re-thinked customer journey presented by the participants

‘Redesign the taxi journey’ meetup

To connect with the local professional community we created a meetup series with like-minded peers from our agency, Isobar Budapest.

Our first meetup was revolving around the — then hot — conflict of uber vs. taxi companies.

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The task was to examine the taxi customer journey, take it apart along the main stages and work in small groups around them. The groups rephrased the specific customer objectives of each stage in order to compare them to the desired or achieved customer experience, then created ideas on how to better them.
After a short introduction and explanation of the journey model, small groups of 6–7 people were composed, with 1 or 2 facilitator from the Business Love Design team, and with possibly at least 1 taxi or Uber driver as a participant, too. Once the groups were formed, the brainstorming has started!
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