Real-time electricity consumption data from Tripoli, Libya displayed on our Energy Data Management platform

In-house UX design + software development

CASON Engineering plc. pioneered in industrial grade wireless communication technology, and provided automation and data acquisition solutions to the largest energy companies in the EMEA region.

We owned the full stack: the field devices, the cloud services and the applications.

My role

As an in-house User Experience Developer I designed and coded the user interface of our systems. I took part in several large-scale projects and lead some smaller ones as a Project Manager and later as Product Owner.

Diwicon Dashboard

Designed, architected and developed a dynamic modular application framework built for industrial data acquisition applications. Currently used in 10+ countries.

Fleet Tracking Service

We provided satellite based real-time monitoring to fleets in Hungary, Romania and Switzerland. At one time this included 5000 Romanian mail man carrying pensions in cash.

I designed and lead the developer team realizing the web application and supported the iOS implementation as a UX designer.

Energy Data Management Platform

Displayed data collected from energy metering devices. Used by many stakeholders form installation crews to operators.

During my time at CASON I designed and developed many generations and specialized versions of the system.

Holding the innovation award received for our innovative use of Microsoft’s cloud application platform with my team mate and friend responsible for the software architecture.

Relationship with Microsoft

We built our cloud services and applications on Microsoft technologies. It was my responsibility to maintain professional relations with the company. I regularly presented at their events and our work won several of their innovation prizes.

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