What makes a good tech team? (Draft #1)

Tom Szpytman
Mar 24 · 1 min read


  • A sense of direction. A goal that the whole team can work towards.
  • A place in which everyone, on each level, can learn and grow.
  • A culture which promotes knowledge sharing.
  • A culture that promotes (timeboxed) investigations.


  • A person who acts as the ‘source of truth’. This is a person who, for example, when asked “what’s our coding style?” can guide you to an answer.
  • A facilitator. This is a person who, might not necessarily have as deep a tech knowledge as others, but who knows how to facilitate efficient discussions that lead to actionable outcomes.


  • A branching strategy that works for the team.
  • Rigorous code reviews.
  • Coherent code style.


  • Well organised, clearly written documentation (inc. meetings, processes, investigations etc.).
  • ‘Retrospectives’, or periodic meetings dedicated to addressing any team, or project-wide issues.
  • Periodic 1-on-1 meetings to address individual issues.
  • A work-flow that allows working from home.


  • A refined, documented, setup process that allows a new starter to get up and running quickly.
  • Well-specced developer machines.
Tom Szpytman

Written by

Full-stack Software Engineer.

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