Extracts from the diary

Syed Zainul Abedin
Jul 18 · 2 min read

That all that qualifies of an excellent person no matter you are living in an extreme situation you have in a feeling that everything will be alright. That this moment, the present is all we have. But nothing else really matters we have limited time. Forced conversations, fast talk does not really help in growing yourself. Negativity, laziness, ignoring people won’t help your personality and it’s not even about growing the personality it’s about being more human and finding happiness in small things. Seriously that actually matters.

There is no spark even.

There is only silence. Silence screaming silence.

How is it even a life then?

How can someone live this way and still going with a strange bulky look?

Smiles, laughter, emotions were always and meaningless. Even life was meaningless even if there is a hope it will be snatched away just like a wild wolf taking away it’s meat.

But people can heal and the amazing thing is people can heal people.

Living in a virtual cage of thoughts and judgments.

I see a difference in culture. I see inner relief and enjoyment all away from fakeness, unreliable and doubts. Feeling of real emotions which may sound crazy to others but that’s the real meaning of life to see in the eye and still not shy. The eye talks about comfort and silent admiration. That you matter.

No matter how much personal belongings you have, if person emotions are not attached to it that thing is useless.

Spread happiness. I have seen people that are broken inside but happy outside.

Instead of fixing yourself, fix others.

If for a day you made someone smile or help someone. You might or might not be remembered but you will feel rare inner happiness. Do a reality check. Are you doing something not worthy enough? Spending hours on lifeless things? Ask questions. Learn every day from everyone. Observe. Feel. Free yourself from doubt. Give your self an identity.

Don’t just breathe.


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