Why I love linux and you should too


The year was 2011.I was at my friends house killing time.I saw a CD.I asked to my friend what’s inside that CD.He said it’s Ubuntu.I have never heard of it.He offered me to take it as to him it was no use.I took it and put it in my Old HCL super slow windows PC.It asked me to test or install on my system.I don’t want to install a new OS so I chose testing.

I was really amazed by how fast it was and very minimal it was.

I really amazed as a long time window user because:

  1. It was relatively easy to install(For ubuntu).Arch and Gentoo needs to installed from scratch and requires more knowledge though.
  2. No cursor lags
  3. No blinking of screen
  4. No BSOD (There is something called kernel Panic but it didn’t happened for me even once)
  5. Boot time was very less.
  6. It was free (as in freedom).
  7. You can install both windows and Linux on the same machine without any issues.
  8. There were lot of options to choose from.Elementary,Linux mint,Gentoo, Fedora, Cent OS, Manjaro, Chakra, React OS, Debian, Arch and I haven’t even started.There are more than 300 distributions of Linux.
  9. Terminal is pretty powerful in Linux.Softwares can be installed, uninstalled, applications can be opened, directory can be navigated, code can be edited, folders can be created and removed,automation of tasks can be done and much much more.
  10. You can boot the distro(short for distribution) on your thumb drive and test it WITHOUT EVEN INSTALLING.How cool is that.
  11. You don’t have to install drivers(sound,display) separately for running even basic things.Although for dedicated GPU,you need to install the software
  12. There a lot of desktop environments to choose from.Unity,gnome,Cinnamon,lxde,xfce,budgie.
  13. Most of the softwares in Linux ecosystem are free (as in freedom).GIMP(Alternative to photoshop),Inkscape(Alternative to Illustrator), Krita(Alternative to Core painter),Libre office(Alternative to Office),Visual Studio code,Atom(Alternative to Visual studio, Webstorm).
  14. You can customise anything you want (with some knowledge of Linux obviously).Install themes,run custom startup scripts,remove unnecessary modules,change desktop environments,boot image.
  15. It’s mascot is a penguin

From that day I dumped windows(but sometimes using it for gaming) and started using Linux distros.I have tried more that 5 Linux distros and settled with Linux mint which suited me best.I use it as my work and home too.

So I love Linux and you should too