So you love your job. Here is why you won the lottery.

Not everyone so lucky to get paid for doing what they want. And I often forget that. You shouldn’t.

Yesterday I took a train, back to my hometown. This weekend is a public holiday here in Hungary, so there were a lot of people traveling to visit their families and beloved ones.

The whole train was full of course, so as our cabin. We sat there like tunas in tin can. The girl sitting in front of me started a conversation about how bad is public transport in Hungary. I agreed and we ended up talking about varied stuff for the whole two and a half hour long trip.

At some point the she asked about my job, what am I doing for living. I’m an art director — I replied. Huh, what’s that — she asked again.

I love my job. I could spend my entire life doing it, even if I doesn’t get a penny for it. The web industry changing so fast, there is a new exiting stuff online every day from such talented guys. I could speak about this all day. With different platforms like Twitter or Facebook I can follow great designers I admire, learn from them like never before with Skillshare and other sites, and so on. So what am I doing for living? I had a lot I could tell about since it’s not just a job for me, it’s my life literally (cliche, but still). After about 20 minutes of me speaking I started to feel uncomfortable. Maybe I should shut up, and let her talk, altough I barely told the half of the things I had in my mind. I can speak to much when I’m excited.

- So what’s yours? — I asked.
- I’m an accountant — she replied — and I hate it.
- So why are you doing it than?
- Well, it pays well.
- Ok, but I’m sure you have someting you would love to do for a living! — 
I said. What are you passionate about? I’m sure there is something! You’re so young, you could change job anytime!

We had about two minutes of awkward silence, and than I tried to save the conversation by quickly switching to movies.

Sometimes I forget how incredibly lucky I am for doing what I love.

I often find my self in such situations. Almost all of my friends works in the web or creative industry and I find it natural, they loves their job. But outside our social media connected “global creative industry”, where everyone just loves what they do and passionate about it, and willing to learn new things from each other; there is a world, where not everyone is such enthusiastic about their jobs as we are. Not everyone’s job is so exciting.

My stepfather is an engineer in a tile factory. Some of he’s co-workers job is to stand by the production line and stare the tiles to check if there’s a crack on them — eleven hours a day. Could you imagine yourself doing such thing? Stare at tiles to check if there is a crack, eleven hours a day? How about for a week? A month? A lifetime?

Do you love your job? I think you won the lottery.

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