Opacity is a Choice in AI Systems

Written by: Agata Foryciarz, Daniel Leufer, Katarzyna Szymielewicz

Illustrations by: Olek Modzelewski

Artificial intelligence captures our imagination like almost no other technology: from fears about killer robots to dreams of a fully-automated, frictionless future. As numerous authors have documented, the idea of creating artificial, intelligent machines has entranced and scandalized people for millennia. Indeed, part of what makes the history of ‘artificial intelligence’ so fascinating is the mix of genuine scientific achievement with myth-making and outright deception.

A certain amount of hype and myth making can be harmless, and might even help to fuel real progress in the field. However…

How to reinvent the internet’s broken data ecosystem and put users back in control

Written by Katarzyna Szymielewicz
Edited by Kevin Zawacki
Illustrations by Kamil Śliwowski

Something is fundamentally wrong with our data ecosystem. This is not something we feel — it is something we know for a fact. We know it from personal experience and scientific research. Over the past two decades online, we’ve experienced constant surveillance, targeting, and manipulation. We need no further evidence that the business model of leading internet companies — a business model built on commodifying our attention and exploiting our data — is broken and unsustainable.

It all started with a misleading transaction

Two decades ago, many of us accepted the “data for a service”…

Katarzyna Szymielewicz

Lawyer and activist. Co-founder and the head of Panoptykon Foundation []. On the board of European Digital Rights. TT: @szymielewicz

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