Get to Know the Master Barber in Chicago

Whether it is keeping up with the latest hairstyles and trends, getting a simple trim, or treating hair care problems, people have always looked for reliable shops that they can trust their hair with. There are several factors that customers consider in looking for a favorite barber, such as customer satisfaction and quality of service. After all, the hair is a crown that is worn permanently by all individuals.

Charles Shumate has been mastering his craft in hair styling for over 20 years. Serving clients in Chicago, he is a licensed master barber who has earned several awards for his mastery with the scissors and the shaver. To offer his expertise in various hair care industries, he has established three barbershops, namely, Who’s Your Barber, The Hair Historian, and Phat Fades Barbershop.

His executive grooming lounge, Who’s Your Barber, is a charming loft-style space located in the heart of River West Chicago. The barbershop has a modern contemporary and industrial decor that evokes a warm, comfortable, and inviting environment. Here, men and women can avail of traditional and ultramodern needs: for hair, beards, hot towel shaves, pseudofolliculitis treatments, hydro force hydration treatments, thermal scrubs, keloidalis nuchae therapy, facials, and body treatments.

Unlike Who’s Your Barber that focuses on hair grooming services, The Hair Historian, located in the same building, provides non-invasive treatment for hair loss. In this extension, he and his hair care specialists perform micro-pigmentation on the scalp of their clients. Scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP is the modern and exceptional solution for hair loss problems in both men and women. The procedure is a non-invasive treatment that uses organic and carbon-based ink micro-needles that deposit pigment into the scalp. After undergoing the procedure, clients will have the appearance of short hair stubbles or tiny hair follicles on their scalp.

SMP only creates an illusion of hair density and does not promote hair growth. Despite this, men and women who suffer from receding hairlines, balding patterns, thinning of hair, scars, alopecia, and other hair loss problems can be confident to show their heads to the world.

In both Who’s Your Barber and The Hair Historian, they also offer cocktails in a fully-stocked bar aside from their hair grooming services and treatments, a first in the barbershop scene in Chicago.

Another barbershop that was founded by Charles is Phat Fades. While he no longer directly works at this location, he is hands-on in training the staff. For 14 years, he has catered to thousands of hairstyles and aided the transformation of many individuals to become the best version of themselves.

The barber mogul firmly believes that “[f]or a business to thrive and grow, learning to adapt to modern times should not stop.” True to his philosophy on continuous development, he frequently travels to attend seminars, expos, and trade shows to keep himself up to date and host events as a guest speaker. Through his barber shops, Charles continues to serve people regardless of their hair types and problems while maintaining his multicultural clientele. The successful barber is committed to ensuring that every visit is always pleasant and satisfying for his clients.

Visit Charles Shumate’s website to know more about this master barber taking the industry by storm.



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