How Deairra Taylor-Brewer Promotes a Healthier Holistic Lifestyle

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Individuals who have battled with their demons and survived at the end of it, breathing and strong, end up being the authority figures people can turn to for help. And more often than not, they are sought out not only for their technical know-how on overcoming a particular struggle but also because they usually hold the burning desire to help others in the same situation. This passion can even become the sole reason why people gravitate towards them.

Deairra Taylor-Brewer is one such individual who has attracted the attention and loyalty of people who are in need of assistance in terms of living life healthier. As the marketing coordinator, human resource, customer service rep, product maker, packaging director, and CEO of the newly-established venture Tailor Made Seamoss, Deairra has provided aid to hundreds of people.

Tailor Made Seamoss is an online-based business that delivers sea moss-centered items and herbal products. It was established amid the COVID-19 pandemic and was a result of an Instagram post that went incredibly right.

After posting a picture of a jar of sea moss gel that she intended to give to her best friend, Deairra received eleven direct messages the following morning. And as a 34-year-old proud mother of one who has prayed for a long time to have her own business, this was the moment she was waiting for.

A week after receiving all the inquiries about her gel, Deairra established Tailor Made Seamoss and has shipped quality products for customers who are after the power of sea moss in providing the body with ninety-two minerals and removing inflammation.

It also has in its inventory the Tailor Complete 102 Mineral Capsules, which are guaranteed to be a source of all one hundred and two minerals that the body is made of. Taking pride in its non-gritty and non-salty sea moss products, this online shop has rapidly gained favorable reviews for the quality of product and customer service that it delivers to customers.

Moreover, Tailor Made Seamoss is not merely a shop that offers herbal products. More importantly, it is the manifestation of its owner’s passion for helping others take control of their health and well-being.

Deairra has battled with obesity for the majority of her life. In 2015, she decided to take control of her health instead of having the numbers on the weighing scale dictate her. With the help of a weight loss surgery that prompted her adoption of a healthier lifestyle, Deairra lost one hundred and fifty pounds, became a raw vegan for a year, and learned about the perks of holistic herbs.

Banking on the knowledge she has accumulated over the years about the positive benefits of herbal products and the advantages of shifting to a healthier holistic lifestyle, Deairra founded a company that would serve as a tool people can use for their own development. Tailor Made Seamoss has succeeded in advocating for healthier lifestyles in the people it has managed to reach. And by featuring natural herbal plant-based products, DeAirra’s brainchild has also managed to open people’s eyes to the wonders of natural and holistic health products.

Know more about Tailor Made Seamoss by visiting its website and Instagram page.

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