Online Lead Generation Demystified With Media Simplified

Szymon Hernandez
3 min readJul 23, 2020

Lead generation is all about developing the interest of a possible customer by providing them information about products or services that a business offers. The ultimate goal is, of course, a sale. But getting from point A to point B is a little more complicated.

And as all industries shift to online platforms, online lead generation has become one of the most important aspects of online marketing. It is also the number 1 struggle of businesses starting out online or old businesses shifting to online channels as the need for an online presence grows.

Nicholas Friel, one of America’s best young marketers, is a recognized expert on new-customer acquisition for small businesses hoping to move into the online space. In an effort to help these small businesses move along and find their customers, he established Media Simplified and has since taken the lead-generation industry by storm.

In less than four years, he built two seven-figure businesses and has helped create massive success for hundreds of contractors around the US and abroad. His processes have been widely regarded as the most strategic approach to develop a new customer acquisition system or a New Customer on Demand program.

Media Simplified has been helping local businesses grow with internet marketing for years. When the team realized how powerful intent-targeted ads were for rapid growth, they made it the company’s specialty. The company works with owners in a multitude of niches all across the country to bring in customers at an unbeatable pace. The powerful minds behind Media Simplified know how tough it is for business owners to find advertising that works effectively in a measurable way for their business.

The company prides itself on giving predictable and measurable results, unlike TV or radio spots, which are inconsistent at best. They deliver new customers month in and month out for their clients, who are small businesses of all sorts but are mainly home improvement businesses such as roofers, contractors, and solar professionals. They work with a number of other verticals as well, including the mortgage and real estate fields all the way to the medical space.

Media Simplified designs ad campaigns that attract new customers looking for the client’s products or services and lead them to a survey where they will provide detailed information about their situation. This new customer contact information will be automatically sent over to the client business. This service includes a thank-you/scheduling page that prompts the new customers to communicate with the business to get scheduled in an online calendar that Media Simplified will install for free.

The company also takes the stress out of implementing all these changes to the business by training the team on the new process to make sure every team member knows their part and to ensure that new customers get smooth transactions.

What sets Media Simplified apart from other lead-generation companies is their action-based ROI guarantee — they can guarantee clients a return on their investment in ninety days or less.

This confidence is based on their results. Since its launch, the company has helped hundreds of businesses transition to the online world with massive success.

Learn more about Media Simplified on their website or find them on Instagram.