Social Media Expert and Best-Selling Author Talks About Reputation Management

Social media has made it possible for people to interact with the touch of a button. While this medium boasts many benefits, the wealth of information and speed of exchange has made individuals and companies vulnerable to bad publicity. Other individuals may post or share misleading or fraudulent information, reviews, images, videos, and other harmful data that attack their reputation.

As a result, the reputation management industry has grown exponentially using various tools and services to protect and repair the image of brands. Despite the increasing availability of online marketing and PR technology, practical experience is needed for a reputation manager to develop intuition, quickly respond to PR crises, and provide expert advice for a client to resolve a publicity issue or mitigate the existing reputation problem.

Mike Magolnick is a 20-year executive and popular keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media, and reputation management. As the authority in his field, he founded The Red Flag Image Company to help companies, executives, athletes, and celebrities improve their image, build a more substantial online presence, and protect their existing reputation. He is also among the most connected people in the world with a personal reach of millions of people, including business and political leaders, celebrities, authors, and global thought leaders.

Reputation management is a serious issue. “People now are emboldened to say whatever they want online about a company, an individual, a product, a service, or a brand even if it’s not true”, says Mike.

Mike shares valuable and relevant online marketing information on his website to help people and companies develop their strategies and allot their resources accordingly. Some of these include his tips on next-level brand strategy, social media, reputation monitoring and management, and image building.

If people and companies find online marketing difficult, he helps them through consultation with him and his team of professionals. During their coaching sessions, he identifies the online situation of the client. He then recommends a brand and social media strategy. In monitoring their reputation and building their image, Mike uses AI-based technology to predict the existing trend and molds the client’s online image according to the results. To maintain the established image, he offers supplementary services such as search engine optimization, expert-level intervention with review sites and forums, link suppression, backlink building, and other proprietary strategies.

​Over the past seven years, he and his team worked with hundreds of companies, executives, and celebrities to help with their reputation issues. In many cases, Mike has been in the position of PR lead/publicist for several clients, helping them navigate the world of reputation management and consult on various vital issues.

As a known expert in technology, he has been interviewed and featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, American Venture Magazine, Direct Selling News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the American Business Journal. Furthermore, he has been consistently named as one of the top 100 global entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter.

To share his knowledge and expertise, he has been published five times, with three books recorded as best sellers. His book, Tweet Tweet Boom, instantly became a best seller and has been used in schools, churches, and various organizations as a guide to help people stay protected.

To better understand the results of effective reputation management, visit his website.



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