How to create newsletter in Facebook Messenger?

Creating your first newsletter on Messenger is very, very easy. I created a tool to simplify this process.

First, sign up on, and connect your page. You can create new page for testing purposes.

You can create newsletter in one click

And that’s all! Let’s subscribe to your newsletter as a first subscriber. You can do it clicking Test your Pushletter button and starting a conversation. There are multiple ways to subscribe. You can embed one-click checkbox or live chat on your website.

You can see subscribers count and delivery rate

When starting a conversation, you saw dull, default message. Let’s personalize Pushletter experience for your subscribers. We used emojis from Emojipedia:

Personalize all aspects of your newsletter

You can delete your conversation and start it again on It looks much better:

Pushletter does not block conversations with your clients

Now we’re talking!

Let’s broadcast first message!

Click Broadcast and design your message.

Share button will open native share dialog!

We deliver messages instantly! It does not take hours like in other services!

Personalized message was delivered to your inbox:

Personalization is available for text messages

Let’s grab new subscribers!

Go to Grow tab and follow our guides.

You can generate live chat like we do on Pushletter. Click Configure it under Live chat

Add your Pushletter to Discovery tab. Submission is very easy.

Let’s grow new Pushletter. Copy Pushletter’s URL from Grow tab, and share it on your Facebook wall:

You can personalize message. Clicking Send message will take users to Pushletter

You can change your avatar to indicate that your page is on Messenger with scannable code. This can also works wonders for local businesses or on business cards:

There’s more than that! Click around to see what Pushletter can do for you

In part 2 of this post (soon!), we will show you how to embed Pushletter on your website!

Try it now!