Building a blogging application part 2 — The domains

Thomas Ferro
May 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Introducing the blogging application domains

In the previous post, I have introduced the back story of this project and his goals.

This second part will dive into the several domains involved.

This is not a definitive feature list, but more of a macro road map.


I really want this project to be available as soon as possible.

This way, I will be able to validate the technical environment and most importantly I will know if it feels good to use and develop.

In order to do that, I will restrain myself to a single domain with a bare minimum of features.

This domain will be the Reader one, with the following features :

  1. As a reader, I want to access the list of all available articles.
  2. As a reader, I want to access the content of a specific article.

This is kind of a read only mode, but it will already make for an effective experience.

Regarding the social aspects

There are two more domains that I can think of for the next iterations.

First, a Reviewer domain that will allow people to comment and rate the articles.

Then, a Reviser domain whose goal is to provide a way to notify the writer that there are typos or any other issues within the articles.

These two additional domains will help for a more social experience, where the writer can have fast and clear feedbacks from his audience.

Of course, the details of those domains are not fixed and I will be able to experience a lot since they will be self-contained.

I also think of features to add to the Reader domain, such as the search for terms in all articles, a way to save articles for later read, etc.

Regarding the writer

You may have noticed that I always speak about a single writer in this post.

Once again, this is an iterative process.

I plain to include a Writer domain, with several features and the possibility to have multiple writers within the same environment.

The application will then be able to provide a fully operational blogging environment tailored to the needs of all his users.

In the next episode…

Now that the goals and the domains are introduced, I would like to share my wishes about the development process.

In the next post, I will try to explain how I want this application to be developed, tested and deployed.

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