Mistaken Smile

I once walked across this street and got to see something impressive. I smiled convincingly and this blonde lady was at the other side of the room, inside. Poor lady confused my smile for her; but I intended it for the carefully organised books at their store. Of course I had to produce another smile; why not?

Handwritten Letters

The reason I don’t love texts so much, deep down, that is, is because most of them are written as reactionery to something. A majority of them are rushed over; not carefully thought or considered. This, I mean in regards to important matters; not friendly chatter which is fine for fun and a little stupidity. We all need some stupid in life. I’d prefer, however, we’d get back to the culture of writing real letters to real people — with real and intentional time taken to write something constructive, even silly. Call me an old soul, but handwritten letter(s) is the best form of communication.

Broken Pencil

Behind every tried writer there is a broken pencil and tons of paper torn. These have learned what perseverance really is; persistence in writing makes all the difference, a thing desireable and worthy of praise for all writers.

Biographies & Autobiographies

Autobiographies show us men we most admire were also human in everyway. Prioritise to read through biographies and autobiographies of men used of and by God for the general good of all and for God’s glory. What biography and autobiography has left a lasting impact on your life? Let me know in the comments section below!


Years ago I almost came to a conclusion that all "Richards" are nuts! Almost all "Richards" I know and have read deny something, even the obvious, seriously! Well, interestingly, all of them have a punchable face. Just saying.

A Friend During Winter

It is good to make friends during summer, but better to have and choose a friend during winter. These will be there during your fall and will hold your hands until you spring up again to the friend they have grown to love and cherish, with all the baggage we may have, these stay.

Thompson Lengels

Thompson Lengels

Broken for Christ. I love books and writing. Actually, I'm an avid reader and would prefer books to people. I'm a Christian & Friend. Let's interact, shall we?