How to stop feeling like a failure
Yann Girard

I like your reasoning. Putting your thoughts on the paper is quite helpful. People in their twenties should not have any reason to feel so low. I do not remember me feeling that way in my twenties — there were no iPhones, texting, twitter, emails. I do not feel so old now, there is still twenty-year-old person in me nowadays, although I am 52 now. Age has nothing to do with it. As we’re getting older, we are wiser to cope with problems and less worried about stupid stuff. That is a good question you posed — what is success? Money, having kids, to be famous, to be loved in a family or in a circle of friends? That is the question — what is success? Maybe just enjoy the opportunity to be alive, to give and to receive and to grow as a person. I remember me liking fairy tales, space investigation, people encounters and interviewing as a 5-year-old. Today is the same. Just viewpoint is a bit different. That’s what years are bringing to you and I like it.