Apple or Berry — the fruit salad…

Apple or Berry — the fruit salad…

Last week Blackberry announced new mobile device DTEK50, which is second Android device offered by this Canadian company. The previous one — PRIV while great in design and decent in features was highly overpriced, with price tag at $700 as launch price, now is approximately $50 down. BlackBerry is touting the security features of the DTEK50, claiming that it is the “world’s most secure smartphone.” The device is up for preorder direct from BlackBerry online store for $299 and will be available on August 8th in bundle with BlackBerry MP-12600 Mobile Power Charger, a high capacity portable charger — exclusively in preorder only.

These two new devices are the counter fight for market share while back in 2009 BlackBerry (formerly RIM — Research In Motion) was undeniable leader on mobile devices market, but currently on the other hand as you can find in comScore report: “Apple ends 2015 with 42.9% of U.S. smartphone share, Samsung at 28.4%; BlackBerry OS falls under 1%”

So it seems like Blackberry finally want’s to get back their position, and it seems like they are doing great job, but for a beginning let’s take a closer look on DTEK50 itself:

Juicy berry — when security matters

The DTEK50 has a 5.2-inch, 1080p display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 3GB RAM, 16GB Flash memory, 2610mAh battery, 13-megapixel back camera, and the 8-megapixel front camera with flash for taking selfies — that’s something new for BlackBerry users. It runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with BlackBerry’s software features, such as the Hub and DTEK itself.

Photo of DTEK50 by BlackBerry (from BlackBerry official website)

DTEK50 with $299 price tag seems like a very valuable offer, a specially when all big brands are speeding towards putting out there the fastest and fully packed devices in crazy prices. From business perspective DTEK50 is great device in any matter — the size is great, tech spec is more then enough as daily driver, cause let be frank on that — this device let users do whatever they want, and gives them more security than any other Android device. What BlackBerry did in terms of creating DTEK app was actually the smartest move — while not everyone needs to be passionate about technology, and don’t need to know how to edit the app permissions, or how to monitor apps activity in stock Android. Probably sceptics will say that this is not very groundbreaking, and that’s nothing new on the market, and in some cases this will be probably very true, but… Think about all those users who are not so experienced, or just don’t want to spent long hours to understand the software — this is the reason why Apple products were so popular back in days — SIMPLICITY! It was so easy and clear how to do things then, and how to edit any settings, while in previous Android devices user need some experience and knowledge to customize their own device.

Nibbled Apple — for laziness

Back in days Apple was on top of everything — design, efficiency and productiveness, everything seems so easy and simple with AppleID and all devices automatically synchronized. But not anymore… It looks like Apple is facing some serious issues with development of software, and long term strategy. There were a lot of complains over launching new product iPhone SE in an old case of iPhone 5S, but even more with each iOS update…

Each mobile device with an Apple on it — seems to have whole bunch of issues — technical in software matter and hardware matter as well — overheating battery, issues with touch screen, or charging problems.

Fruit salad

The BlackBerry made a perfect move with timing and the offer, while the rumors are still there, that Apple will launching iPhone 7 early September, but this is still uncertain, and on top of that — more and more iPhone users are complaining about serious issues, and poor UX with every iOS update. While with DTEK50 user can be sure of top-class security standard, while with Apple products — not so much…

And don’t get me wrong — I was huge fan and Apple enthusiast for a number of years, but for me Android with all those app and easy Google services integration is like Apple back in 2009 when iPhone 3GS was introduced, this flawless user experience when I got it in my hand and I was working on this device on daily basis.

With DTEK50 I’ve got this feeling, and this great experience — which I don’t remember having since then… This pleasant thrill and excitement when your phone is doing exactly what you expect to do, and even more — like predicts what you are going to do! Blackberry software keyboard it absolutely fantastic, and can’t compare to any other software keyboard on market.

Great work, thank you Blackberry for giving me this thrill and excitement back!!


Mobile devices market is a great place to be, and there are many competitors, and moreover it constantly growing. That’s sure that like every business there are ups and downs, and leader of the market can be only one, but if Blackberry will continue this new direction and fill follow the customers need, will be responsive for user feedback — I think that’s exactly what this market is all about. There is simple — no single winning strategy in leading the mobile company, but while the cyber security really matters and more users are more concerned about their privacy — I’m sure that Blackberry is in the better position to take over the future market by offering even better devices along with selling some enterprise software packages.

Back in days Apple was so innovative, but reality has changed and now users want to have more control over their devices, and using iOS feels lot a like being in golden cage — you can see the world outside, but you can’t really use it. Android with Blackberry flavor on the other side gives you freedom with strong level of security on top.

I think Blackberry is on the right way straight to the top.