The Ronnie Moas ($DIG) scam

I always thought Ronnie Moas was a stock analyst which i could trust. But since the beginning of this year this has been changed. I am a newsletter member and i paid Ronnie some serious money (1000 dollar) to receive his newsletters with tips about crypto and stocks.

Ronnie started in february with his newsletters about $DIG, a cryptocurrency that is backed by 1 dollar in gold for each coin (according to the words of Moas). Soon i discovered $DIG is a huge cryptoscam and that RonnieMoas gets paid to shill this scam coin. I will publish all his newsletters about $DIG to protect people against this scam.

The first newsletter (9 february 2018, published by Ronnie Moas)

As most of you know I put out a report in July … 87 pages on cryptocurrency and I never sent out the third part of that report (pages 88–122). That Part III was on UNY. It is starting to move on heavy volume … up 1000% in the last week … $1,000,000 traded today … now at $0.024. I don’t want to tell you where I think this is going. I can’t endorse this because I did not get everything that I needed from the company in order to do so and that is why I sat on my 35-page report during the last 7 months. The report is outdated … a lot has changed since then. I may rewrite the report in the next few weeks. I want you to treat this as a very high-risk / high-reward situation. I have been following this very closely for the last 7 months I am concerned that it will run up significantly between now and the time that I am ready to sign off on it, so I feel an obligation to let you know about this at this time. UNY trades on … SEE THE PRESS RELEASE BELOW … and are the two websites tied to UNY.

80%-90% of the names in crypto are scams it only cost $100,000 to pull off a scam operation … it is very difficult to separate the flowers from the weeds. All you need is a fancy white paper … a fancy website and someone who can represent the company and lie to the public. That being said … I think the risk-reward here makes sense based on the work I have done. I will not be able to answer ANY questions regarding this situation and do not pay attention to anything you see about this on the internet … it is not accurate … I have 2,400 subscribers and 40,000 followers on Twitter. I will not be able to address any questions regarding this. I think you can sign up at their website to get on their mailing list and then you will get press releases as they come out. I have my concerns about this operation. I think it is going much higher. At the very least it will get pumped. What remains to be seen is how high will it go … and will it remain elevated?

From: Livecoin [
 Sent: Thursday, February 8, 2018 11:23 PM
 Subject: NEWS REGARDING UNITY INGOT — UNY (sponsored)


· Coin circulation cap reduction

· News and Information about Cryptobontix, the company behind UNY

We want to bring to your attention that there has been a management and ownership change to the token UnityIngot (UNY) traded on and announce a name change along with a coin reduction that will occur this upcoming Friday.

UnityIngot (UNY) was initially developed as a token for another business purpose that was to be eventually backed by gold and was formerly operated by a previous management group. Cryptobonix took control of UNY in October of 2017 and has been building off the business plan that was originally set in place for a different purpose.

Initially and currently the token has 10,000,000,000 tokens fully issued. As of this upcoming Wednesday, January 31st the company will be changing the name and reducing the token issuance from 10 Billion to 3 Billion. All current token holders will receive the new token Dignity (DIG) on a 1 for 1 basis, and the UnityIngot will be retired. This will ultimately kick off the company’s plans and reduce the costs associated with our token transfers.

The token exchange will occur on and starts on February 13th, and ends on February 20th.

We encourage anyone holding UnityIngots in wallets outside of to transfer your tokens into a account to receive the swap. Transfers will still be available for token holders outside of the exchange at a later date which will be announced on the company website.

Cryptobontix has appointed a new Board of Directors and has three more tokens to be released which are to be all backed by a dollar amount of bullion. Each token is being registered as a security in the countries that require such registrations and each token acts as a coupon against the bullion held on reserve. The new token, Dignity (DIG), will have a one-dollar USD of gold bullion reserved against each token.

Details about the company, the tokens, the bullion reserves, and the Board can be received by subscribing to the Cryptobontix website. Subscribers will receive the newly completed white papers and news alerts as it happens. There are a series of news announcements to occur after the token swap has ended. Stay Tuned.

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Ronnie Moas

Founder & Director of Research