Just A Girl Addicted To Social Media

I have been forced to take a look at my news habits on social media and I find myself a bit taken back. My immediate thought was “I do not get my news from social media!” However, this could not be further from the truth and upon paying more attention to my daily habits over the past week, it seems as though I get most of my news from different sources of social media.

The moment I decided to be more conscious of where my news was coming from I was instantly taken to Facebook. I know! I scoff at the very thought of this myself but, it is true! The first thing I do in the mornings is check in on my Facebook page. I am not looking for my friends “daily mood” or their run down of how they think their “day is going” but I am looking for buzz worthy information. If there is something that needs further investigation I go immediately to Twitter where I follow local and national news organizations and I know I can get a small bite of information there. If it is something big I then follow up by turning on the television or I go to a website, usually CNN.

As I mentioned above I start on Facebook to see if anything big is going on the world or in some cases “my world”. I find myself on Facebook more often than I should and more often than not it exposes me to news information that I would not normally be exposed to. Many times my friends that live in other states post their local news so I know a lot about things that are happening in places like St. Louis, MO and Tulsa, OK. This also makes me feel a little more connected to the places I think of as home.

Although I start my morning news information with Facebook, I am very leery of the information that gets shared. For instance, just recently my very concerned Aunt shared a story via Facebook messenger. The story was a warning to women about a terrorist attack being carried out at local malls. This story was well written and mostly believable however, upon investigation, it was completely false and has been circulating since the early 2000’s. My Aunt is obviously not the only one to fall for stories like this. I personally never trust any source unless I recognize the organization and know it to be credible. It never hurts to read more than one source to get a better idea of where the truth lays. Especially when it comes to politics!

Since I opened the door for politics I may as well jump right in. I used to try and avoid politics at all costs…and then I married a politician. My husband is passionate about politics, way more than I am but it has rubbed off. I have noticed over the past week for the sake of this assignment that I pay attention to politics WAY more than I realized. I get emails from my favorite “go to” sights but as I mentioned earlier I tend to be busy [lazy] and start out on Twitter to get the small bites and then I may actually read the full article if it is something I am interested in. During the election I watched the “far left”, the “far right” and then the “middle” TV stations in order to get a better perspective of what was really happening. After all, some of my friends on Facebook said, “We are all going to Hell in a hand basket”, and others were “Praising the Lord” for what was about to happen next, I needed to know what to prepare myself for.

Early this morning I went to the gym and three different media sources were playing in front of me. In an hours time they had all used information that had streamed through social media sights including personal tweets from Joe Schmoe and Jane Doe from Anywhere, USA. It made me realize that the news from social media is everywhere and I get it even when I am not looking for it. I am inundated with news more than I realized and it’s too much! I am Tonya and I am addicted to social media.#codsocmednews

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