This Is Us

Late-night thoughts on whether life is worth living

Upside down bright blue umbrella on ground, the rest of image is totally black.
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And why that’s somehow even more offensive than Trump himself

The U.S. House of Representatives chamber. Photo: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

This Is Us

How experiences become memories, which turn into stories

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And it has, repeatedly, only to be revolutionized and rebuilt. What kind of country will we create now?

A fallen statue of Jefferson Davis in Richmond, Virginia. Photo: Parker Michels-Boyce/AFP/Getty Images

This Is Us

The world may be on pause, but your life isn’t (and other thoughts for the class of coronavirus)

A photo of graduation caps.
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This Is Us

Isolation has made me realize how vital human connections are

A photo of a rooftop party with garland lights.
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Television was supposed to be the ultimate idiot box. Then came the internet.

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Most of the time, listening is enough

A 3D render of a human face with a finger on its chin, contemplative pose.
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To be alive is to solve problems — both real and imagined

A silhouette of a man sitting on his bed with his hand against his forehead, seemingly upset, light seeping from the blinds.
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There’s so much to enrage a sane person — not just in the headlines, but in the everyday fabric of our lives

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Timothy Kreider

Tim Kreider is the author of two essay collections, and a frequent contributor to Medium and The New York Times. He lives in NYC and the Chesapeake Bay area.

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