Introducing Riot 0.9 and Desktop Riot

I didn’t follow up my own comment. Heh. I persevered and now… RPMs!

RPM packages now exist for Riot: And builds exist for Fedora 24, 25 and CentOS7 (and therefore Red Hat Enterprise 7). Enjoy!

You can now build or use RPMs the way RPMs are supposed to be built and used. It also includes added desktop elements, mainly for GNOME3 which is the environment I use, but other desktops understand those configurations. It will show up in your menus and in Show Applications, can be added to your favorites, etc. And if you have vision issues, the icons have high-contrast equivalents. Now… the app… well, I am not responsible for the low contrast nature of the application. A number of github issues have been filed on that topic though. I am sure the dev team has it as a todo.

Enjoy. Follow the link above. I will try to keep the RPMs updated in a timely fashion.