Why I Don’t Date Guys Who Want to Live Off-Grid (Even Though I Wouldn’t Mind Living Off-Grid)
Emily Sara Porter

This article is a good word of caution for anyone filtering through their potential mates. In the end, the example illustrated by the author is only one example. That red flag should be raised by anyone espousing idealistic dreamery in a vacuum of responsibility or the semblance of a plan. The general bit of advice for everyone is in paragraph five,

“When I encounter someone like this, you bet your grass-fed buckwheat I’m looking to see if they’ve already had any kind of success in the world.”

You have to filter folks with your brain, not just your heart. At least at first. And even years later… your brain has to be engaged.

Is this person mentally sound? Is this person ambitious? Is this person grounded? Does this person have a plan of success that leads to their dream? Will they compromise when I disagree with them? etc. etc.

Anyway… good article. Heed the warning, folks! :)