or “What I Learned This Summer…” 📚


In three months, we shipped three versions, iterated design a lot, wrote️ as much documentation ✏️ as code, user interviewed and consequently changed the entire focus of the platform 😅), and became a team 💃💃.

What I Learned Along the Way

Autocompletion in software was once a nice-to-have feature, but now is necessary to make user interactions feel quick and snappy. UX Magazine published an article detailing the ways in which autocomplete can be used to “help users save time, iterate on their searches, and get the results they want”. When autocomplete is applied effectively in applications, users feel as though the product they’re using understands them and their needs, thus boosting their overall image of the software.


Achieve Your Dreams with Just 2 New Skills

It boils down to 2 skills that you can learn in the next 5 minutes:

You might not know how to set goals.

pretty much how my early code was written

What are sessions and cookies, and why do we need them?

HTTP Get Request for the Mozilla Docs in French.

What is HTTP?

The Creation of Regina, by Victoria Murray and Jasmine Humbert

Exploring a Problem Domain

Victoria Murray

Frontend, User Experience, Design.

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