Snap Snap: I’m Trying Snapchat.

I’ve recently started binging on all things Gary Vaynerchuk and it got me thinking about Snapchat.

Right now, I’m purely a consumer. I follow a few big outlets like Product Hunt and the Verge. I also follow some people like Gary and Jason Calacanis.

I’d like to say the reason I consume more than I broadcast is because I work in an industry where confidentiality is a hallmark and because I spend my day fighting old computer systems and excel. But that also feels like an excuse. I want to produce more, but I want it to be meaningful and fun.

So tell me, Medium:

  • Who has the best content on Snapchat?
  • Who should I follow?
  • Who doesn’t do Snapchat well?
  • What do you want to see on a personal Snapchat?

In the meantime, follow me on Snapchat!