Dos and Don’t Brazilian Hair Extensions

If you are one with short hair, then definitely you have timely cravings for long and luscious hair. Contrary, if you have long, shiny hair, then you would look forward to having a chic, trendy, short length hairstyle.

Just like shoes, apparels, clothing, even hair experts are introducing new hairstyles in vogue. For females who follow fashion with zeal always prefer to have a hairstyle that is trending and stylish. But the irony is that you can either have short, chic hair or long, luscious hair. Having both of them naturally together is merely impossible. But yes, there is one way out with which you can always adorn the most stylish hairstyle, and this is with hair extensions.


These are a miraculous invention that has offered celebrities and fashionista the ease to own a rocking hairstyle. The best thing is that even you can use these hair extensions to style yourself in the most trending way. But while you opt for them, it is important that you take care of certain dos and don’ts for hair extensions. So, read this post to know everything right and wrong about using the hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Dos

  1. Do Select Best Quality Hair Extensions — You need to consider lots of factors when selecting the best hair extension for yourself. Make sure you pick the finest quality and one that matches perfectly to your natural hair. There are high-quality Brazilian hair extensions available that you may check online before making a final purchase.
Brazilian Hair Extensions

Just remember, that only a perfect weave can provide you with a look that you have wanted for long.

2. Do Visit an Expert Hair Stylist — If you don’t want to experience before, during and after wearing the extensions, then only an experienced and professional hair stylist can help you. Extensions can result in big downsides, with the major one being a loss of your natural hairs. So, even if the cost is more and you have to pay a little more money, still it is advisable that you seek the assistance of a reputable hair stylist only.

3. Go for Natural Locks — Try going for natural looking Brazilian hair extensions that can offer you with an amazing and appealing appearance. There are hair extensions prepared from virgin human hair that looks natural and is easier to style as compared to the other types.

4. Trim them for the Perfect Look — One important point to consider is to ensure that you trim the extensions in accordance with the length of your natural hair so that they look real. For this, it is suggested that you visit only a reputable hair stylist.

5. Take care of these Novel Tresses — Whether you buy synthetic hair extensions, or tresses prepared from natural hair, each extension requires proper maintenance and care routine. If you want your hair extensions to last long and deliver you adequate results, then it is important to take good care of them. Use shampoos and conditioners that are mild and soft to them. Weekly hair masks, oils, and conditioners must be included in your weekly hair care routine.

Hair Extensions Don’t

1. Don’t Overdo Styling — Although, you are happy with your extensions and you really want to flaunt them but make sure you don’t practice over styling with them. Eye-striking hairstyles are loved by everyone, but if you do the same with your extensions, then you would end up damaging them. This can even result in breakage and damage of the extensions.

2. Don’t Use Harsh, Aggressive Cleansers — Using harsh, alcohol based cleansers to clean your hair extensions can actually damage them. These cleaners are tough on the extensions and extract all natural oil from them. Moreover, they include high alcohol and paraben content, which is not good for the natural hair as well as the extensions. The best way to take care of your extensions is to use shampoos and conditioners suggested by your hair stylist.

3. Don’t sweat or Shower Excessively — Presence of high moisture content within the extensions can damage them. This moisture can come from excessive showering or sweating. So, you must avoid experiencing any such conditions in all circumstances. If you love going to gym or swimming is your favorite hobby then make sure you take off your extensions while practicing these activities. If still there is an urgent need for it, then it is essential that you take proper preventive measures.

4. Don’t wear them for too long — No matter how best the quality of your extensions is, or how much money you have spent on them, or you much real they look. These extensions are artificial, and even if they have a natural appearance, still you cannot adopt a lifestyle with them, the one you follow with your natural hairs. It is therefore essential to not wear the extensions for too long time. Wearing them for more hours can result in severe damage of the extensions as well as your natural hair. This might even result in falling off the extensions and the natural hair. Moreover, if you are wearing the extensions throughout the day then make it a point to take them out before you go to sleep.

Hair extensions can give you a dazzling, gorgeous look only if they are adorned and maintained properly(For more about — Tips on Taking Care of Hair Extensions). So, follow these dos and don’ts religiously and flaunt your beautiful look splendidly with your hair extensions.

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