Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can add wow to just any hair type and any hair style. They are perfect to not just add volume and length to your hair, but even the luster and glamour that your natural hair does not possess, or have lost over time.

You can get the hair extensions job done at a salon or you can even fix them at your home. But one thing that seems perplexing to most of the females and might even confuse you is the type of hair extension to select. Whether you should go for human hair extensions or the synthetic hair extensions will look more glamorous, this is one of the most bewildering questions that you might encounter.

But the good thing is that our experts are here and bring you a clear idea about human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions so that you can make the best decision. So, to know which between the two is better, just read this post till the end!

Human Hair — Positives

If look and feel drive you crazy, then there is nothing better than the human hair extensions. These are soft and shiny strands that do not look duplicated, which is the case in synthetic hair.

Another amazing aspect of extensions made with human hair is that they are versatile and can be cut into any style and pattern. Mainly, there are 4 varieties of extensions available — Indonesian, Chinese, European, and Indian. Each hair wig has its own unique style and can be customized as per your personal taste.

The technique to process this hair is related to the quality and strength and the good thing about human hair extensions is that they are less chemically treated and highly sanitized options.

Even these extensions are available in various colors and patterns and are stronger than the synthetic ones. There are various premium options of human hair extensions available, like Remy human hair, and more that can be styled exactly the way you want it to be.

Even these extensions are preferred by the stylists as they are exceedingly versatile. With proper care, the extensions can last long for a year or even more. If you get the clip on extensions then they can be removed for sleep. The other applications done by thread or glue offer a wear ability of almost several weeks.

Human Hair — Limitations

A major limitation of human hair extensions over synthetic extensions is that they require more maintenance. In most of the cases, it allows controlled styling and that too only for special occasions or purposes. Also, these extensions are not available in ready to wear form, and hence, you need to customize them before you actually adorn them.

Also, these extensions are quite expensive and you may have to spend some additional bucks in order to buy these extensions.

Their natural appearance and high-quality comes at an additional worth!

Synthetic Hair — Positives

The synthetic hair extensions have resulted from the modern technological advancements. If you buy high-quality synthetic extensions, then you will be glad to see the close resemblance they have to natural hairs.

One of the best things about hair extensions made from synthetic hair is that they are available in ready to wear form and require very less styling. These extensions are prepared from fiber that is styled in a hair wave, curly hair, straight hair, braided, and more other forms. Also, these are machine made extensions that can provide your hair with more volume and lasting length with minimal efforts.

A pattern styled once lasts long even when the weather is not good. So, if you are looking for something that lasts longer and that requires minimum maintenance than the synthetic hair extension is a perfect option.

Also, an excellent thing about synthetic hair extensions is that they are much more long lasting than the human hair extensions. If you buy synthetic extensions in a particular style and take proper care of them, then these extensions can last long for almost 5 to 6 months.

If the price is one thing that you are considered about, then these extensions are available at many affordable prices. If you compare the prices of the best quality human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions, then you will find the synthetic extensions comparatively cheaper.

Besides available in a variety of patterns and colors, there are some of the top qualities of synthetic extensions available that hold excellent resistance to heat and other external factors. So, if you are looking extensions that can withstand harsh weather conditions, chemicals, and toxins while swimming, and heat to a great extent, then the synthetic extensions are great to go!

Synthetic Hair — Limitations

While synthetic extensions have numerous positives, there are a few drawbacks that are linked to it. One major drawback of these extensions is that they lack versatility. You can buy synthetic extensions in varieties of forms, but you can style them regularly in various patterns and styles.

Another limitation of these extensions is that they may look artificial if not chosen wisely. For this reason, it is important to buy synthetic extensions that have a very close appearance to your natural hair.

So, whether you select a clip-in extension, weave-in extension, or a permanent extension you can make a selection between the human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Both of them have their own positives and negatives. The best way to decide is to select a product, which suits your lifestyle, matches your personal preferences, fits within your budget constraints, and complements your overall persona.

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