What You Know About Hair Wigs And What You Don’t Know About Hair Wigs

You may want a new wig or a virgin hair extension either because of a medical problem or to adorn a new look. No wonder what your special reason is! If you wish to buy a wig, then here are some key things you must know.

1.Plan buying a wig before you completely go bald

The natural color, style, and length of your hair can help experts offer you with a closely resembling wig. Wigs need to be customized as per your face cut and preference. So, even if you are going for a budgeted affair, still it is better to go for a wig that is almost similar to your natural hair.

2.Each wig type has its own pros and cons

Both natural hair and synthetic wigs have their own pros and cons. While natural hair wigs are more lasting and need more maintenance, synthetic hair wigs are lighter in weight and can be stick to one style for a longer time period. A wig that meets your preferences and fits you well will be an ideal choice for you.

3.The Costlier, the Better

This rule apply when you are buying wigs. As per expert hair stylists, hand-woven wigs are the costliest. It is because they are crafted finely with each strand taken into consideration. On the contrary, machine-made wigs are sewed out of fabric where deep attention to detailing and precision might not be much high.

4.A Wig without a Liner, a Big No

Even if your scalp is not sensitive, still it is essential that buy a wig with a liner. Alternatively, you can shop for a wig cap, which is a soft fabric to be worn beneath the wig. A liner, or a wig cap, the choice is yours, but make sure to buy the most qualitative one to avoid experiencing any itchiness or skin irritation.

5.Always Ask for Medical Insurance Coverage

Wearing a wig does not imply that you will definitely meet a problem. But it is equally essential to be preventive and stay precautions before anything happens. With a medical insurance benefit, you can get an advantage if in case you experience any problem.

6.Keep a Strict Check on Your Hair Loss

The problem of hair fall is not a new one. It has been in ages since there was the inception of human on the ground. It is but essential to keep a strict check to this so that you do not experience any trouble during or after wearing a wig.

7.A New Look is Pleasing

Wearing a new wig might make you experience some discomfort or problem. But don’t stay away from trying it just for the sake of your comfort. Might be the new look is even better than the previous one.

So, no matter the reason you want to go for a wig. If you have decided to buy it, then keep these points in check to buy the best fitting and most complementing wig for yourself.

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