New Pricing with Dollars and Sense
Isaak Dury

This is disappointing news. We have about 70 members, and this change is going to significantly increase our costs to the point where I don’t think that we can justify continuing with the service.

We currently have about half of our members paying via credit card (which means that you make about £150 per year in service fees). Last year, the direct costs to our organisation from using TidyClub were about £180 (which was the Stripe credit-card fee). In August, you changed the rules so that the TidyClub service fee became payable by us instead of the people wishing to use the convenience of paying online, which I was OK with.

What this subscription fee change means is that our costs for using TidyClub next year will increase to nearly £600 (Stripe + Service Fee + subscription fee), which I don’t think we can justify.

I do not have a problem paying for your service, and I was surprised that you only charged for credit-card fees when I first found you a couple of years ago, but I don’t think that the amount you are now asking for is something that we can afford going forward.

Sorry that you’re going to lose another of your 1% of customers who pay something if you continue ahead with this. :(


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