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Photo by Avi

A new version of the BoxConnector, the Box integration for Outsystems applications, has been published in the Outsystems Forge, containing the merge of existing BoxConnector v2, a forked implementation with added features that has been deprecated since, that includes:

  • Allows to use As-User impersonation while calling the Box API.
  • Support for Metadata.

This means that anyone that uses this component, or even the deprecated v2, is welcome to upgrade to this Development version and report any found issues, both in existing features or new ones (specially regarding the updated JWT integration), so that it can be marked as Production Ready for everyone. …

One of my projects is something called t3mujinpack, a collection of film emulation presets for Darktable, an open source RAW developer that I happen to use to develop my photos.

Back then I started to build those presets, which are built upon a features called Tone Curves, using existing color lookup tables (like the film emulations on RawTherapee) as a reference and starting point, also because at the time Darktable didn’t support them at the time. Although it was meant to be a one-man project, I ended up creating it as an open-source project, just for the sake of giving back to the community, and the truth his there has been people giving an helping hand. More recently someone submitted a “pull request” that included all the presets exported back to color lookup tables. This means that those presets, that only work in Darktable, now can be used in other imaging softwares, in some kind of weird and great full circle. …

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t3mujinpack Kodak Gold 200 emulation

A long overdue update of t3mujinpack! I was meant to release this version to match the launch of Darktable 3, but a bug related with the edit of existing styles prevented me from editing them, and thus had to wait for Darktable 3.0.1 to be released to wrap this up.

As you might expect from such a huge amount of time since the last release, there are a few updates. First of all, most of existing styles were re-tested and, for many, re-tweaked. Second, a new set of presets of consumer negative films, to complement existing emulations with a different mood. …

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After the release of version 0.4.0 it was brought to my attention that the “Portras” NC/UC/VC were a bit off. And it was true, I did some changes on those but you can say the Quality Control was severely lacking… Not an excuse, but that’s a problem of using some styles more others.

So the focus change on this version was getting those styles to work properly, starting almost from scratch, as it was suppose to happened in the previous version. The remaining updates in styles were incremental changes, more subtle and less dramatic.

Another change is the support for Windows, in the form of the only platform dependent feature: the uninstall script. Until now if you used t3mujinpack in Windows you had to uninstall it manually, each style separately, as the existing script only ran in Linux (or maybe Mac). Now there’s a batch file that allows you to do that. That also increased slightly the download size, as the Windows executable for sqlite had to be bundled. …

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Processed with Kodak Kodachrome 200

A new release of t3mujinpack (my Darktable film emulation presets) is ready and available for all. Unlike the previous one, where most emulations were updated in a big way, this is a smaller release, but one with new things nevertheless.

With the regular use while processing my photos (like the above photo using Kodachrome 200, taken on a recent flea market photowalk) some presets received some fine tweaks, and in the end it’s no surprise some of these changes were in two of my most used preset groups: Fuji Provia and Kodak Kodachrome. …

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This is not a random string…

OAuth, in its various versions, is the current standard for authentication in REST services, and something that we, as users, are familiar to use everyday, when using our Facebook or Google accounts to login elsewhere. But the conventional OAuth authentication flow is driven towards an end-user, where he grants directly access to his account’s features to an application, third-party or not.

In some integration scenarios, where a single sign-on is expected, this extra validation step per user must be removed from the authentication flow, so the user seamlessly accesses the account. In this case it’s not the end user that’s suppose to authenticate in the service, but the application itself. …

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A lot of work has been done lately on t3mujinpack, from my own post-processing, that led to many changes in some of the presets, to a new version of Darktable. All this meant that it was about time to release a version with the new stuff:

  • Updated Fuji Pro styles (160Z, 400H, 800H).
  • Updated Fuji Provia styles.
  • Updated Kodak Kodachrome styles.
  • Support for Darktable 2.2.
  • New style removal script, both for uninstall and upgrade.
  • Fix: Velvia 50 wasn’t enabling the Tone Curve module.

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I don’t write about gear that often, but this is one of my favorite news from the Fujifilm world, probably more than the release of the new generation cameras.

I own a couple of Fuji X cameras and a few Fujinon lenses, I made the switch as it seemed perfect for travel, street and documentary work. But as I got more used to the system I noticed the available lenses at the time weren’t a perfect match for that purpose; although quite capable, lenses like the XF23mm f1.4 or the XF56mm f1.2 …

A village in the mountains of northern Portugal and its old Carnival made of alder masks.

There’s one thing in common in many places at the North of Portugal and Spain: the strong traditions around masks and those who wear it. Each of these celebrations has its own symbolism and calendar, often are fitted around Winter Solstice or Shrovetide, and the origins are very similar and go as far as pagan, pre-christian, mostly Celtic origins. These are rituals where anonymity makes possible what’s not tolerated in the rest of the year, the rich and the poor can switch places, issues that have been kept inside throughout the year can be now said or even avenged and settled under the cloak a costume or a mask worn by the “caretos” (the masked figures common to many). …

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Despite that I still see Marrakech’s Djema El-Fnaa as one one of the world’s most fascinating spots in the world, for that same atmosphere that put it in the Immaterial Heritage list of UNESCO, I wasn’t too interested in photographing its street performers on my last time there. I tend to avoid them almost everywhere, and in the Djema El-Fnaa square the only ones I would really like to take a picture are the storytellers, the sub-Saharan Africans that sit in the ground while the Moroccans around follow their story and pay to see its end. Sit in the ground, with no light whatsoever, making photos impossible…
I wandered the square, delighted but not taking photos, when I found this guy: full of “swag” , sitting on his scooter, smoking, drinking while the obvious monkey lies on his shoulder.
This scene I had to shoot, and as I stared at him he noticed that and was about to start his routine, I raised my hand in time: Don’t move!!
And he did not move, and I gladly gave him a few dirhams. …


João Almeida

Web developer that takes photos and wanders the world. Based in Lisbon, Portugal. Working at @darwinLabs, mostly with Outsystems .

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