Judgement Day and 11 Commandments

Vegan Religion_________________The New Religion of God is introducing 11 Commandments. This is the official website of the https://Vegan-Religion.org This article is short. For detailed information go to the website and watch the Videos of Moses. The main focus of the new vegan religion of God is Animal Rights and Justice. Vegan Religion is brought for humanity by Moses in 2012 to teach you 11th Commandment and inform you about the soon approaching Judgement Day. A new book is written by God and edited by Moses. Name of the new book of God is Holy Vegan Earth. Download the book Free from the website if you do not have money. Buy the book from Amazon if you have money. Book of God, Holy Vegan Earth is 803 pages. It has hundreds of paintings to describe the complex theological subjects. All revenue from the book is allocated to animal rights actions. Visit our animal rights website here: http://InternationalAnimalRights.com There is only one standard, Justice.Holy Vegan Earth_________________Moses wrote a new chapter for the Quran. It is the New Chapter 115 for Quran. It is in the book. Find it, print it and add it to your Quran. All previous books of God, Torah, Bible, and Quran must be updated. All content related to using or misuse of any animal must be deleted from previous books of God. Holy Vegan Earth is the last book of God updating all previous books. As long as humans believe in God and they are Vegan they are safe. Everyone else will be killed. This is the Law. Learn. Law is changed. God demands all humans must become Vegan or else all, religious or atheist alike will be killed and sent to Hell for more punishment.Miracle of Communication_________________Learn about the Most Important Event of History, two-way communication with the Unified Field, the Creator of universes. If you do not know what the Unified Field is, research about it on the internet or read about it in the holy Vegan Earth. Moses shows you evidence, reasoning, and proof. Moses has Mathematical proof based on solid computer science and quantum physics that he is talking with God. Learn about it in the book and Videos. https://vegan-religion.org/videos.htmlLearning about this proof is the most important event of your present life and all thousands of reincarnations before. Faith without evidence, reasoning, and proof worth zero.Proofs of the Existence of God_________________This article is written by Moses and is not allowed to be edited by anyone else. The Bright Hand of Moses is Vegan University. Learn about it in the book. Learn Proofs of the Existence of God in the Holy Vegan Earth. Learn that the Judgement Day is very close. This is the 11th Commandment: All humans must become Vegan. All 11 Commandments must be enforced on the Earth by Death Penalty. All non-human animals and human animals have the same Equal Legal Rights. Vegan-Religion.org is not a charity organization and does not accept donations from humans. It is created by Moses for preaching words of God and creating enthusiasm in humans to rise for Justice. In this age, there is only one cause for Justice, Animal Rights. Vegan is not related to food or health. Vegan Means Justice. The Judgement Day of God is near. There are three types of Judgment Day. Learn about it in the book.Warning and Good News_________________These are my three tasks. These were my tasks in the previous reincarnation on the Earth as Moses Warning Feron. He was Warned. he did not listen. He was killed with all his army. You must know the event of the Red Sea. These three tasks are the same for all the Messengers of God. Mohammad did the same, Jesus did the same. I am repeating the same. Gods processes do not change. Law is changed. Do not quote me from my previous five books of Torah. This is the Sixth Book of Torah, Holy Vegan Earth. This is Moses commanding you, follow me and listen to God or die. My words are supported by evidence, Reasoning, and proof. Learn the proofs in the book.- Warning: All none Vegans will be killed and sent to Hell.- Good News: The Earth belongs to Vegans. This is the decision of God.- Witnessing and Collecting Evidence of humans crimes against animals.MosesProphet of YHWHAugust 2019https://Vegan-Religion.orghttp://heidelberggallery.com

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