16 Ways to Track the Pandemic

Number of Covid-19 Cases and Deaths (screenshot June 26)
Progress on Testing (screenshot June 26)
Where Are Current Covid-19 Hotspots? (screenshot June 26)
Where are Fevers Starting to Increase? (screenshot March 31)
State & County Report Cards (screenshot June 26)
How Many Positive Tests? Enough Hospital Beds? How Much Contact Tracing? (screenshot June 26)
Red States = Virus is Spreading (screenshot June 26)
Three Day Moving Average of Cases (screenshot June 26)
Facebook’s Covid-19 Dashboard (screenshot June 26)
Four of the top five counties with the highest death rates in the US are predominantly African-American. (screenshot June 27)
Timeline of State Policies, the Rise of Cases, and the Number of Deaths (screenshot June 27)
More Tests Do Not Account for All the Changes in the Number of Covid-19 Cases (screenshot June 27)
Facebook’s Covid-19 Dashboard (screenshot June 27)
Where Covid-19 Has Risen and Fallen Since February 2020 (screenshot March 15)
Comparing Deaths Country-by-Country (screenshot June 26)
Comparing Infection Rates Country-by-Country (screenshot June 27)

Tech4America bridges Silicon Valley with public leaders to tackle big public challenges. Our partnerships with mayors and governorsacross the nation have led us to search for technologies that can help respond to and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and then share them.

Our website covers technologies for communicating to the public, for providing medical services, for distance learning, and for tracking the pandemic.

T4A provides a platform for service-minded leaders to solve America’s toughest challenges.

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Tech4America (T4A.org)

Tech4America (T4A.org)

T4A provides a platform for service-minded leaders to solve America’s toughest challenges.

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