HIEA 115-Week 1: Course Introduction, Nations and Gender

Nationalism, by definition, is having pride in your nationality, who you are and where you live. According to Anderson and McClintock, in order to have nationalism, exclusion must occur.

In Anderson’s “Imagined Communities”, they talk about how nationalism is a type of ideology of an imagined political community. They then further explain how people started showing nationalism through languages such as printed text. People became upset over which texts and which languages get printed out, making a rise in nationalism. This demonstrates exclusion because people are trying to discourage other types of languages to show that theirs is the more superior one, making others learn it.

Furthermore, McClintock mentions that nationalism is all made up and dangerous as it excludes all that is different from them. For instance, throughout “Family Feuds”, McClintock makes it a point to show how even in a suppressed group of people like the Africans, they are still suppressing women as part of their “nationalism”. Their culture was invented on their own because they are excluded from everyone else, but in order to have pride of being African, they must suppress women, or so it seems.

Overall, I think that these two texts bring up an interesting point in which that there is no pride in who you are as a person, unless you are “better” than someone else. For instance, the argument over which language is better is for pride because if you have the more widely used language, it would show that you are “smarter” for being able to communicate with more people. Furthermore, if the Africans do not suppress their women, they would not have any power or pride elsewhere since the “world” appears to be against giving them rights. They have many rules to suppress the rights of the Africans, so there is no pride in being one unless you have something to be proud of: being better than African *women*.


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