The Knicks also have a top 7ish draft pick in this stacked draft, the nets won’t get a pick until…
Timothy Morris

The Nets have 2 first round picks this year, not their own granted, but they have them, and if I were a Knicks fan, I’d feel the same way about Phil Jackson us Nets fans felt about Billy King, you can’t trust him to do the right thing. I did forget about the draft pick in a stacked class, but I mean that doesn’t always pan out. The Net’s plan seems to be to build an organization (for the first time since Proky bought the team), let the young guys cook, and add veterans to help build a culture. The Knicks are forever hamstrung by Phil’s devotion to the Triangle system. I’m not trashing the Knicks, and I admitted that I’m biased, but I hope that explains my thinking. I’m not saying the Nets are mountains better than the Knicks, but only that I think they are better.

Plus the Nets beat them 2 times last month