“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.”-Helen Keller

Cinderella is a stereotypical story about a teenage girl that is mistreated and unrecognized by her stepmother and stepsisters. Like other fairy tales these main characters go through dramatic obstacles to be recognized and thrive into the princesses and heroes they deserve to be. Cinderella’s character is extremely obedient, caring, and kind hearted. Even though she is treated like a lower class citizen, when given the opportunity to surround herself with upper class royalty her personality and true heart captures everyone’s attention. The main gist of these stories, no matter what version, is to show the audience that good always wins. Remaining a good and fair person will make you attractive to others, beyond your looks, your possessions, your status, and how you dress, people will see through that. People want to surround themselves with good, hard working people that want to be successful.

In several of these versions including Brothers Grimm they show how far people will go for their own selfish desires. How people with wrong intentions try to cheat and lose. Seeing the successes of Cinderella after all her hard work gives people something to relate to and strive for. Everyone wants to achieve success after spending a long period of their life struggling. Cinderella is truly a person that understands how hard work will pay off.