Tara May
Tara May
Mar 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Girl Full of Stories

In my head I hear the sound

Of poetry

In my imagination it is a melody

I have captured perfectly.

Something about the words


Wanting to get out, to get free,

Like the bluebird in the poem Kaeleigh sent to me.

Words buried, restricted by muscle and rib cage,

By fear and modesty.

Let them fly free, I tell myself,

What harm can they do?

Their only desire to expose the heart

Of me

Whats really there,

On the inside.

Girl full of stories

A title, I said, but it was really

Just me

Trying to get out.

Full to the brim, but dammed up

For safety.

Someday, I say

One day,

I will let them flow,

As I hide them away.

These words that are me

This river of


Who am I to hold it prisoner?

I would tell anyone else

To let it free

To not be afraid, the flood is a good thing.

It’s not hard,

Not really.

All it takes is to write what is

Inside of me.

What lies within my heart?

A dreamer, yes, a girl

Of fancies and fantasy.

Electrified by beautiful melody,

In song and in words,

By delicate images full of color and soft lines and magic,

I drink them in.

They fill my heart, laying seed to the trees

That want to grow there.

A forest of trees,

A girl full of stories.

Tara May

Written by

Tara May

Tara May is a writer and editor based out of Lake Tahoe, California. Samples of her work are featured on growingpages.com.