#blers ap vote: rogers park has always been great

Week 6 of the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball season will forever live in infamy throughout the streets of Rogers Park, the dining halls of Simpson and Mertz, the Information Commons where no one studies but just surfs Reddit on Adderall.

The following is a screen shot from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Top 25 rankings:

I’m about to get a little festive here. Now sing it with me: Do you see what I see? Do you see what I see?



Ok stop singing.

Someone out there, sober or piss-drunk, thinks Loyola deserves to be in the Top 25 in the nation (THE UNITED STATES FOR THOSE KEEPING SCORE AT HOME).

But to me, this person is a visionary. This person is a martyr in a Journalist’s body. This person is more important to our country than Thomas Edison. Oh cool Tommy Edison, you invented electricity, but have you ever seen how electric Gentile Arena gets when Ben Richardson and Clayton Custer shoot back-to-back 3’s?

The Blers have not received a Top 25 vote since 1–9–8–5. I just used the Siri function on my laptop to calculate how many years that’s been and the answer is 32.

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In 1985 we made it to the Sweet 16. 32 divided by 16 = 2. 2 times 2 = 4. Final 4 in 2017. It’s called analytics.

Just sit there and think about it. 32 years since we got one vote to belong in the Top 25. How many votes did Northwestern get to be in the Top 25? 0. How many votes did Illinois get to be in the Top 25? 0. But these garbage teams are playing in the Chicago Legends Tournament at the United Center, the House that Jordan (notable Loyola Ramblers fan) Built, this weekend.

Pacman Jones looking for the Northwestern and Illinois basketball teams.

You know who is a legend? Milton Doyle. The man, from Chicago, comes back home to put Loyola on the map by leading our team to a Top 25 vote in 32 years and this is how you repay his blood, sweat and tears? By putting trash teams like Northwestern and Illinois in a CHICAGO tournament?

Ask Northwestern the last time they were in the NCAA Tournament. Ask Illinois the last time they won a national championship. I’ll wait.

When it comes to Chicago college basketball, there’s only one team this year, next year and forever: the Blers. Mark my words; Loyola will be playing home games at the United Center against Kentucky in 2 years, and winning those games by 30.

This won’t be the last time Loyola gets a Top 25 vote and more are coming trust me, but in the meantime…

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