Topps 2017 Allen & Ginter review

Besides a random pack or two, it’s been years since I’ve purchased new cards. But this ultra retro Topps release was too tempting. The set is mostly baseball, but also includes loosely defined “World’s Champions” and some other weird choices you have to see to believe. Some packs contain autograph and relic cards (a “relic card” contains a piece of a player’s uniform inside the card). I was hoping to land an Andrew Benintendi autograph or a one of collectible's hottest items, an Aaron Judge relic. Unfortunately, I ended up with a card so disappointing, it would have been hilarious if it didn’t happen to me!

The eight pack box is pretty cool. Love the old-timey mustachioed baseball guy. Didn’t love that my shipment came dented. Fortunately, the cards inside were not damaged.

The set includes some mini cards. Tell me you wouldn’t watch a cop show with these two guys.

Pilot dude? This mini card abides.

Some dude facts for you.

Landed a Benny Biceps rookie! No autograph though. But that’s not the least of my disappointments, read on…

Set also includes Hall of Famers, like Rod Carew.

The card backs are also retro with the stats all written out long form.

Golfers? Okay, fine. But hold on. Things are about to get weird.

Historical events cards? Why not? As a fan of Revolutionary War history, I love this one.

Built for the 1964 NYC Word’s Fair, the Unisphere measures 120 feet in diameter and now has a trading card for some reason.

Ron Swanson would love these.

ESPN talent cards? Well, alright I guess. Maybe there’s a Dickie V….

NOOOO! I wish I still had a bike so I could put this in the tire spokes. And this isn’t even the worst card I pulled. As I got to the end of my last pack, I felt a thick card. It had to be a relic! Anticipating a piece of history and valuable baseball collectible I quickly turned it over to reveal…

Are you kidding me? Why was this made?

No offence to Glazer, but who in world wants a piece of a football announcer's sweaty t-shirt ??

Overall, the set is cool and definitely unique. So let’s end on a good note.

This is Corey Bellemore. World record holder in the Beer Mile. He drank four beers while running a 4:34:35 mile. Cheers to that!