World Series Baseball Card Breakdown: Red Sox vs. Dodgers

Growing up in Boston with family in LA, I’ve dreamed about this match up since I was a kid. While modern interleague play has removed some of the mystique, it still should be a fun series. Who will win? Let’s do a completely biased, non analytical comparison using my old baseball cards to find out!

Clutch Sluggers: Gibson’s limping heroics in 1988 was herculean. But what Big Papi did in 2004 to the Yankees forever changed the fate of the franchise. Advantage: Red Sox

Roly Poly Managers: Zimmer is the first person I remember booing at Fenway Park. Lasorda took down the Philly Phanatic. Advantage: Dodgers

Rooster vs. Penguin. Roosters can fly. Penguins can not. Advantage: Red Sox

Reggie Smith vs. Reggie Smith. Smith played more games for the Sox, but won a World Series with the Dodgers. Advantage: Dodgers

Best ‘Stache of 1981. Lopes’ push broom was formidable, but Eck’s whole vibe says “Let’s Party!” Advantage: Red Sox

Buckner vs. Buckner: It’s really a shame he’s known for that one play because Buckner had a really great career. 2,715 hits! However… Advantage: Dodgers.

Right Field Swagger: Betts lip curl>Puig tongue wag. That’s just science. Advantage: Red Sox

Conclusion: Cards don’t lie. Red Sox in 7!