Thirty Minutes Of Everything

I feel the luckiest at about 6:30 am in the avenues. Plastered motions that only allow me to spoon and implant my face into her sweet scented hair.

“I’m all your’s”, she declares.

As she says everyday, at least four times.

Waking up to love for once, mutual love. I can go about my day knowing that I am balanced. No, I don’t need her but it’s better when she’s along for the ride. It has slowly became our ride.

As I try maneuvering my way out of bed, the north pole pulls me even harder than it did all night. Still plastered, I let go and the south gravitates to the north. They’re connected once again.

All I can do is make heart shaped peck kisses penciling thoroughly from her neck, making my way around her back. She feels as I feel. We share this feeling together.

We’re successful, so ultimately we rise. It’s 6:57 am now. Both in birthday attire, I dust the flakes out of my eyes to watch perfection cover itself to let out the dog.

Thirty minutes has gone by and I wish time had froze. I can’t complain though, because thirty minutes was all I prayed for when this time was in despair. I feel so lucky, blessed perhaps.

As I walk my way through the day, smiles follow near. So close I can’t escape the expression.

That thirty minutes gets me through whatever. That thirty minutes makes me better.

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