I don’t usually remember my dreams but occasionally I’ll wake-up with the details of it burned into my memory; pictures so vivid it’s like I’m still in the dream.

I take these dreams, the ones I remember, as an affirmation of something I’m doing well or the positive path I’m on. Conversely, it can also be a call to action to stop whatever I’m doing, that’s counterproductive to what I want to accomplish in life.

Everyone has some opinion about what dreams are, what they mean, or if they’re an indication of the somewhere else, our minds/spirits go when we sleep. For the last three weeks it feels like my brain has been having a party while I’m sleeping, everything from wild, vivid dreams about beaches, oceans, and houses to auditory pointers to music, bells, and chimes.

There were a few days earlier this week, when I woke up with pictures of people I don’t know, but have seen, in my head; why would I be dreaming about having lunch with Jim Carey, on the beach, with him wearing a gold brocade Sherwanis?

While my dreams are usually entertaining, they’re never scary or fearful; there’s peace, joy, laughter, and general happiness, but last night it was jarring. Not scary, but a feeling of impending changes, something huge is coming, in fact the word “Revolution” was being chanted over and over again; in French, because I was in France on a crowded street. I don’t “watch” television so no, I don’t think it had anything to do with the coming election, although it too will be a big change for the U.S. and possibly the world.


The Dream:
…It was dark, I could see streetlights in the distance but above me, there were stars, so many stars. “Révolution! Révolution! Révolution!” Was being chanted over and over, but it was in the distance, I was moving towards it. The streets were crowded, I could see the Eiffel Tower off to my left, it was a street I had walked before.

Again the chanting ahead, “Révolution! Révolution! Révolution!” people were moving towards the sound and I was moving with them. I was caught up in the feeling, elation, expectation, it was coming I could feel it! “Révolution! Révolution! Révolution!” I realized I was looking for someone, I didn’t know who, at first. “Révolution! Révolution! Révolution!” Then, as I reached the larger crowd, I knew.

I was looking for you…

Live, Love, Learn! ♥

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