Why Am I here?


A simple question with potentially huge implications. I started this “exercise” a few days ago with the intention of, well, trying to figure out what the universe has in store for me. While many may dismiss the “long-haired-hippy, tree-hugging” philosophy of doing such things, sitting quietly and seeking answers is not a bad idea. The answers that eventually came back this afternoon were interesting, thought provoking, and a little unsettling. While no one wants the “weight of the world” on their shoulders, some of my answers felt that way because they were “open-ended” there was no target. I asked:

“Why am I here?” and the Universe answered:

· To love, To share, To find, To laugh, To learn, To connect, To heal

· To shield, To champion, To aid, To experience, To tell…

Those were some of the kind ones…there was a short list that grew in between those virtuous words. Ones that didn’t read as “nice”; but then, none of us have just “A” purpose in this life. We are multidimensional, so why wouldn’t our purpose be? We like to believe that we are great for everyone, that we can be the solution to a problem, the thing/person/role model someone needs in their life. But what if the thing most needed is not another shoulder to lean or cry on, but one that pushes another to do something different. In those situations, our actions are not seen as benevolent, they’re seen as antagonistic and maybe even cruel. Here was my short list…

· To bring pain, To bring suffering, To shatter illusion, To break, To rebuild, To challenge…

I know I don’t wake up every morning with the intention of bringing pain and suffering to another person but sometimes during the course of our day, week, our lives, we will do or say something that has that affect. I want to be and live the first list only but I understand that I am also the second list, not only to others but to myself.

· Who is the person that has not caused him or herself pain?

· Who has not suffered from their own doing?

· How many illusions have been shattered in your life that challenged you to rebuild yourself?

At last count, there were over 30 items on my list and I think it might continue to grow as I do. We are not all good or all evil, they are relative terms; used to describe our friends or enemies…

My sutra for the day is Tat Tvam Asi — I am that. I see the other in myself and myself in others.

 Live, Love, & Learn ♥

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