Myth of the Tides

It is said that we are born with an innate desire to see the sun rise and sun set because we are witnessing the recurring dream of the ocean, to kiss the sun.

Water once roamed freely in the universe, it touched every inch of the galaxy without overwhelming the heated places and dark abysses. The ocean flowed anywhere it wished and worked with all the other elements in tandem. The only law of the universe was that it could not suffocate another element.Water believed this law was simple and easily abided until it desired the heat of the stars. “There are so many! What harm will come from absorbing the heat from one dying star?” Water craved the warmth of the sun so it broke the laws of the universe.

The ocean washed over the bright star and felt the warmth resonate through its entirety. Once the sun was extinguished the ocean awoke feeling trapped. It raged violently against the earth and roared in its attempts to reach for the moon, but to no avail. In its anger, it tried to consume the earth, but it was not strong enough.

(Part one of Element Myths)