Pass on Being Passive

Last August I sold one of my businesses and I decided that I needed to take down my level of intensity and just cool out a bit. I was running at such a high level for so many years I had built up a reputation of being quite intense and extremely demanding. I theorized that if I were easier going and gave people more leeway I would still accomplish what was necessary and have much better working relationships and friendships with people working for me whether that be at my home doing a swimming pool project or any other aspect of my work or personal life. I decided to be passive and let the necessary people responsible carry the weight without looking over their shoulder and managing them the way I had in the past. Well, that was clearly a mistake, but a lesson learned. I am who I am and it has served me VERY well over the years. Who I am is IN CHARGE. Who I am is INTENSE. Who I am is demanding. I built a 30 million dollar business being who I am. The time I spend being passive and letting other people handle things was the most unproductive time in my life. Many people go through their entire lives being passive. Letting things happen to them. Letting somebody else take the lead. Accepting excuses instead of answers. Accepting average. Truly successful people expect more and demand more from people. They don’t pass off responsibility to others and fly under the radar. Truly successful people TAKE CHARGE of themselves and everything around them. They communicate with others and insist that they follow through with their promises and responsibilities. You don’t necessary have to be a jerk off but you do need to make your expectations clear and give the necessary feedback when things get off track. Sometimes that means bringing down the hammer on somebody. Sometimes that’s what it takes. Asking nicely is not always the answer. Telling somebody “just get to it when you can” leads directly to it not getting done at all. Setting direct and clear expectations and holding people accountable is what gets the job done. When somebody knows I am all business and serious about my expectations SHIT GETS DONE. When I am your buddy and don’t hold your feet to the fire things very often have a tendency to dwindle and untimely get done half assed. It’s just human nature. So here is my advice for the day…stop trying to be everybody’s friend and take control of your job, your project, your kids, your employees and the people providing any kind of service for you. Get out of the mindset of “letting somebody else worry about it” and take control. You will be amazed how much shit actually gets done!

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