Society today is much louder in a quieter sense

I’m sitting in the bus around 7:30 in the morning and it is absolutely packed. I was lucky to find a seat as my stop was one of the first however, the only problem was that it was weirdly quiet…

For a Monday morning I was expecting people to be catching up on the weekend, phones to be buzzing and maybe laughter, however all that could be heard and seen was the sound of a buzz when someone wanted to get off and people typing or scrolling on phones and ipads.

I’m turning 18 in about a months time and growing up there has been significant changes and breakthroughs, one of them being electronics. Phones, internet and social media have remarkably changed and altered my life. Starting way back with the first playstation I got, to todays half a centimetre thick laptops is just an example.

There’s one problem with all this social networking and innovations today…everything is much faster. As you’ve probably heard, time is just going by so fast today and it’s getting ridiculous. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are the main ‘culprits’ or ‘timewasters’ today, although can you even call them time wasters?

Social media trend #meme

I don’t think so, today social networking is a crucial form of communication, advertisement and role in all our lives. As soon as we wake up what do we do, before we get to sleep what do we do? It all comes back to online digital networks that have actually become apart of our lives today, whether we agree or not.

Online webs have also caused us to become thinkers. For me, I always seem to phase out either in uni classes, catching the bus/train or even with friends. Sometimes it weirds or freaks me out because I start to form scenarios and solutions in my head that actually tires and gives me headaches at times. But it is my comfort zone and that is where I believe most people tend to be louder within themselves but in a quieter reality sense.

Coming back to the bus situation; When I look around, all I see are people so consumed in their phones, scrolling down Facebook pages, some have intense messaging conversations at 7:30am in the morning, while others are catching up on TV shows they could not watch the night before, all this is the reason why society is much quieter on the outside, yet we voice so much through online networks and spaces.