Green and Gross!

Mito-Kanye: All that ATP
Chloroplast? More like Chloro-plastic!

Green and Gross! My competitor the Chloroplast is nothing by fake; Or at least an off-shoot of myself. I’m a good guy! I help power our cells, both animal and plant. But the Chloroplast only wants to help plants. What about the animals? Animals have to eat other things while plants can make their own food using Chloroplast! Chloroplast is a selfish and exclusive organelle. Chloroplasts can have mutations in their DNA while I stay the same! The cell needs someone who is not racist towards cells. Heck, I’ll even let some of the bacteria have some mitochondria! Now the Mitochondria co-exist with the Chloroplast; but the animal cell is the promised land for the Mitochondria. Don’t forget the Protista too! They are just like the plants…or animals…depending on who you’re talking to. But the Chloroplast takes energy from the sun and not other animals. The sun didn’t give us energy now does it? Now the Chloroplast uses energy to make energy. Doesn’t that make its job pretty pointless? I mean, Mitochondria use sugar to produce ATP! We also have cellular respiration. Instead of using Photosynthesis, Respiration uses a much faster technique for harnessing energy. It’s to bad the Chloroplast is necessary though. We can’t live without it. Maybe scientists should discover ways of maxing out the mitochondria instead of using light energy. Yes, it does seem like something out of science fiction; but it does sound cooler doesn’t it. If you vote for Chloroplast, then your dreams of a maxed out mitochondria become next to nothing.

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