CRM Blues

  • No, the business culturally and its actors technically were NOT ready for a Rolls Royce — nor did they NEED one.
  • We established what they needed, now and in the 3 years future-horizon (feature set, must haves Vs. nice to have). We established what they didn’t need.
  • We confirmed that, given the company ‘s culture and level of technological savvy of most actors, we would need to prioritize simplicity to an even greater degree that we would normally (Now, simple is always good but sometimes it’s “gooder” than others.)
  • We helped our client “audit” a small set of CRM software vendors we thought were best suited to match our criteria and needs…



Taam is a boutique #UserCentered consultancy. Kind of like MBAs with #empathy, driving successful #products, and services. Focusing on #startups, #SMB.

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