Baccarat scoreboards

Baccarat scoreboards


Bead Road (a.k.a. Bead Plate)
Big Road

Dragon Tails

Classic dragon tails
double dragon tail
triple-, quadruple- and quintuple dragon
Sextuple Dragon
Tail position strategy 1
Tail position strategy 2
Tail position strategy 3
Derived roads

The formula

Big Eye Boy: n = 1

Small Road: n = 2

Cockroach Pig: n = 3

Column : n + 1,
Row : 2
orColumn : n + 2,
Row : 1
Trend formula first execution positions

The formula presented in this article is created by me the author, and is inspired by other materials that I have researched and are available on the web. This formula is more suited to be implemented into a computer program, rather than studied by heart to manually create scoreboards.

Baccarat derived road formula

The Predictor board

OneTouch Baccarat Predictor
Predictor details


Scoreboard Statistics




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