I’ve been MIA

Brain Update

As beautiful as that rock may look against the blue sky, it ain’t so pretty when your head feels like so… three days or more (I’ve lost count) in a row.

I’ve tried it all…in between the meds and meditation, Medium unfortunately has taken a back seat.

I can’t begin to tell you how out of sorts I feel not checking into this precious family of ours… like a sweet drug I’m addicted to us. It keeps nagging you somewhere in the back of your head, whispers invitingly… Meeeedddiiiiuuuummmmm.

I’ve been told the symptoms are those of severe migraines. Mostly drugged, I ponder what on Earth did I do to attract this for myself….

Different school of thoughts have different explanations. While the Mind- Body connection states that “a headache is a sign that the mind has overrun the body through forceful thought and impatience. As a result, you are feeling pressure from yourself because your thoughts are not in alignment with how you feel. You need to change your approach by allowing yourself to feel first, then act with your heart and mind aligned.” Where as Louis Hay says, “ Headaches: Invalidating the self. Self-criticism. Fear. Migraine Headaches: Over driven. Resisting the flow of life.”

Whoa! Like OMG! Just the thought of all these issues can give me a brain freeze.

Regardless, these killer headaches/migraines from another planet would go down in the books of my history as the most excruciatingly wicked, agonizingly wretched and nauseatingly frightful things I’ve ever had.

So while I sort my head out… like literally. Please bear with me folks!

I’ll be back!

Hugs, wugs, and much other mush. :)