A miracle is not so rare
Stephen C. Rose

Miracles I believe are all around us… just last evening I was headed somewhere very important and running absolutely late. To make matters worse the GPS was just looping me around due to some construction work going on and I was losing time by the minute. That’s when I pulled into a gas station and asked for directions from this gentleman filling fuel and he was like, I know a shorter route, follow me and I’ll show you. My first instinct was; how can I trust him?! But then something inside me said, you can. I followed him and he dropped me right outside where I was headed in a record time of 12 minutes. It had showed 20 mins on the GPS. I was only 2 mins late but hey… me pulling into that pump, from everyone there, asking that man for directions and time — that just kinda slowed down as if only for me, was all pretty darn miraculous!

Grateful, ever so grateful.

This line then resonated with me deeply. Small and big miracles happen everyday… if we only stop to notice them.

Loved it Stephen.